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Kid’s Incursion Activities – Revisiting History

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Kid’s incursion activities help the parents, caregivers and educators. Sydney children’s activities fill the gaps where there may be in children’s academics and unsupervised play time. Everybody knows that play is a child’s way of exploring and learning about their environment. They like playing, storytelling and playacting. And all three can be found in children’s incursions, excursions and vacation care activities.


Fun Day Out have built a name in providing fun and exciting kids incursion activities as well as excursion, school holidays and after school activities even team building activities to enhance cooperation and good working relationships.  We provide numerous children’s activities for all including active pursuits, cooking, gardening and retelling of history.


Children’s imaginations are so rich and colorful that their gasps and shrieks as the story progresses. They would laugh at the happy parts and shudder at the creepy parts.  Telling stories has innate benefits to children’s developing minds and introducing them to kids incursion activities gives them a peek to it. As they follow the story it makes them listen closely, boosting their listening and cause and effect skills. It tickles their imagination and improves their memory. They sit there rethinking about what transpired and anticipates what happens next. Storytelling creates connections to the past, to people and history.

Like revisiting The Vile Victorian Era

Ever wondered life without cell phones? Let Grant Hyde, a 5-time published historical fiction author transport your kids back to a time when everything was quite… GROSS!! In this fun hands-on learning adventure, your kids will experience a day in the life of a child in 1837! Learn how kids woke up in time for school without an alarm clock and what a typical day at school was like.


Have a taste of the most popular foods of the time – Bread and Dipping and Grue. Kids will experience cleaning their teeth with charcoal powder and learn what a trip to the dentist would be like. What do you imagine kids’ games were like back then? There were no iPads, mobile phones or VR games then, and doctors thought thirsty leeches could cure all  ailments.


Teaching children about history is to reaffirm the connection to the present and makes us value the lives and struggles of people of the past. It shares the experience, culture and ideas of the time. History teaches us a lot of things, if we only try to remember it.

“Only the vanquished remember history.” – Marshall McLuhan