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Vacation Care Activities To Spark Curiosity

Vacation Care Activities To Spark Curiosity

Vacation care activities, for the most part, gives children something to aspire to that is not within the school’s academic courses.  Childhood is the time for curiosity and fun. It is a time for experiencing the many things that will eventually be a memory. A time for new feelings, new situations – the good, bad and embarrassing but definitely special. Giving children vacation care activities to spark their curiosity is encouraging their discovery of the world, feeding a would-be thinker.


The bigger problem stems from a disinterest by children in the many things they can explore. Because of recent restrictions and health issues, kids have to count on their trusty gadgets for entertainment, as if they weren’t enthralled by it already, so they spend more of their free time being glued to these phones and tablets. Giving children a taste of options available like workshops may just be the thing that will propel them into finding an activity they may get interested in. 

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Let them go on an adventure. Be it a fantasy, musical or circus adventure, it can be the start of something that will move them to their right path. An interactive show pairing storytelling, circus and music. Let the kids fiddle around with musical instruments may they be modern or traditional and indigenous instruments. Will it be a totally physical activity? Bike and karts perhaps? Go karting may even be a good building activity. Or maybe a fitness or warrior’s path, will there be gardens or magic involved? Explore Botanic Gardens and learn the many native plants and how First Nation People used them. Fancy woodworking or balloons? The possibilities are endless.


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