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Scientifix 2.0

Get ready for some seriously cool experiments that will make science come alive!

Kids will unravel the mysteries of surface tension and light refraction using water and bubbles. Plus explore the amazing cardiovascular system with models of lungs and a heart and discover the ins and outs of the digestive system, focusing on the stomach.

Have a peek into the world of simple acid-base chemistry whilst creating a colour-changing universal indicator.

Gear up for a rocket adventure for some high-flying fun, using the Scientific Method to fine-tune a classic vinegar rocket, launching it into the sky.

For the older kids, get hands-on with a DNA extraction experiment, uncovering the secrets of our genetic code.  And for the younger scientists, build a DIY balloon rocket car for some speedy exploration!


  • Dive into the wonders awesome experiments
  • Kids will journey through biology, chemistry and physics
  • In this incursion expect epic Scientfiix fun!

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