Meet Sydney’s Snow Dogs

Encouraging kids to appreciate animals of all kinds, this unique incursion experience is not to be missed!

Colours of Kindness

Our Colours of Kindness program focuses on the importance of being kind to all, no matter where they come from or what their story is.

Fantastic Forensics

Join us for an exciting and interactive crime scene investigation adventure where children of all ages transform into super sleuths!


Pickleball, a dynamic blend of tennis, table tennis, and badminton, is easy to learn and provides endless enjoyment.

Dramatic Circus

Come have fun in this unique incursion where we will play fun drama games, learn cool circus tricks, and then show off our newfound skills.

Magical Mandalas

Construct a geometric mandala that you can hang on a wall or gift to a friend.

Olympic Challenges

Are your kids prepared to beat their own time, push to the limits, and emerge victorious as a true Olympic athlete?
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Adventure in Oz
Provides students with an excellent opportunity to experience the story of The Wizard of Oz
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Amusement Rides
Fun Day Out offers an extensive range of thrilling rides and old-time favourites ready to cater to your every need.
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Animal Adaptations with Raptor Reptiles
School Program Years 1-6
Dive into the secrets of the sands and the wonders of the waterways as we take you into some of Australia’s harshest habitats and how life has learnt to survive.
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Animal Husbandry with Raptor Reptiles
School Program Years 1-2
Discover what it takes for an animal to survive and create an environment to carer to the needs of both wild and captive animals.
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Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
Future Film Stars
Learn about the science of Artificial Intelligence, about how computer vision works, how a computer learns with Neural Networks.
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Australian Native Animals
Hours of fun for kids to create a purposeful sustainable artwork.
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Australian Wildlife Sanctuary
Come and visit the wonderful world of wildlife at the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary Bargo!
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Berry Island Reserve
Bombora Tours or Koori Kinnections
Guided bush walk along the Gadyan Track that interprets Aboriginal History.
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Boomerangs and Bullroarers
Nick the Stockman
A great Aussie hands on experience!
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BullyProof Kids
Dragon Tao Kung Fu
This unique workshop is designed to equip your children with essential life skills while immersing them in the wisdom of Kung Fu.
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Canoelands Orchards
In a world where kids are consumed by technology and instant gratification, the relaxed pace of the farm is a perfect opportunity for all ages to take a moment to...
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Champion Mindset
Clube de Lutas
Improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your kids!
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